2000% Price Rise For Civil War Coin

The Spink end of year sales recently took place in London – with a number of coins selling significantly above their guide price.

However, no sale raised the eyebrow quite like that of the 1644 Charles I Oxford Mint Triple Unite, which sold for an impressive £168,000 with the addition of Premium.  This was substantially higher than the guide estimate of £50-60,000.

The denomination of the Triple Unite was only minted during the Civil War period of the reign of King Charles I and was the highest denomination to be produced during the hammered coinage.  Along with Shrewbury, Oxford was the only mint to produce these coins.

The example that came up for sale in December had previously been offered twice by Spink in the last two decades – in 1991 and then again in 1996.  On both occasions the coin was offered for just £7,000.  With a sale price of £168,000 in December 2010, the 15 years period has therefore seen a rise of over 2000% in its price.

Even more surprisingly perhaps was the report that this example of an albeit extremely rare coin was not even in prestine condition, with a weakly struck reverse noted.  We can only guess how much this coin would have fetched without such a flaw!

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