New UK Royal Wedding Coin Announcement

uk c2a35 gold - New UK Royal Wedding Coin Announcement
The new coin; the design is yet to be revealed.

As excitement builds both nationally and internationally for the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the numismatic world has not been excluded from the growing anticipation.  Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the issue of an official UK £5 coin to celebrate the historic event, to be produced by the Royal Mint. 

The design is currently with The Royal Household for approval; once approved, it will be revealed.  To confirm the coin as legal UK tender, it will be presented to a meeting of the UK Privy Council on 16th March.

Public interest in the wedding has already escalated to vast levels, so it seems highly likely that the new official commemorative coins will attract enormous demand from numismatists, Royal collectors and the general public worldwide.                                  

Of even greater significance is the fact that the range of official UK £5 commemorative coins will feature a crown-sized coin to be struck in sterling silver and completely plated with fine gold.  This will be the first ever time that a UK coin has been struck and plated in such a way; making this already exciting issue a probable must-have for numismatists in 2011.  The Royal Wedding was always going to be an inspiring event; the issue of a first-of-its-kind silver coin makes it doubly so.

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