Roman Coin Hoard to stay in county of discovery

It was reported by the BBC at the start of the week that a vast hoard of over 50,000 Roman coins discovered in Somerset is to stay in the county after the Museum of Somerset raised £320,250 to keep it.

Discovered in Frome in April 2010 by an amateur metal detectorist, subsequent archaeological work at the site unearthed a huge jar containing around 53,000 Roman coins; the greatest number ever discovered in one pot.

The coins were classified as treasure, enabling the Somerset County Council to buy them at market value, with the reward shared between the finder and landowner.

The majority of the coins are made from debased silver or bronze and include examples from AD286 to 293 during the reign of Carausius, the first Roman emperor to strike coins in Britain.  With the hoard having already sparked major interest during its exhibition at the British Museum, the Museum of Somerset is expecting a large number of visitors to see this enormous treasure trove.

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