New 2011 Australian Sovereign to be released

The Perth Mint, one of the premier world mints, has recently announced that it will release the new 2011 Australian Sovereign in early May.

One of the Perth Mint’s most popular issues, the 2009 edition of the Australian Sovereign sold out completely and the 2010 edition has thus far met with resounding success.

Prior to 2009 when production of the Australian Sovereign at the Perth Mint began, Sovereigns had not been regularly produced since 1931 when the mint operated as a branch of the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom.

The 2011 Australian Sovereign will be struck as per previous editions in 22 Carat Gold and with an edition limit of just 2,500; just a third of the edition limit of the British version of the Sovereign.  Although the design of the coin is still under embargo, numismatists should await the release of the new Sovereign with keen anticipation; this premier release from a premier mint is sure to spark intense collector interest.

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