Prestigious Royal Wedding issue no longer available

2011 jersey royal wedding c2a310 gold - Prestigious Royal Wedding issue no longer available
The now fully allocated Royal Wedding coin

As excitement continues to build towards the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April, the commemorative coins issued to celebrate the occasion have, as expected, attracted strong collector interest. 

To this end, we can now confirm that we have now been informed that the 2011 British Isles Royal Wedding 5oz Gold Coin, issued by Jersey, has now been fully allocated. 

This issue was always expected to be one of the standout pieces for the royal celebration – with an edition limit of just 30 pieces – therefore news of this full allocation is of little surprise.

With a month still to go to the royal wedding, the rapid allocation of the 2011 British Isles Royal Wedding 5oz Gold Coin does though confirm our original expectations that demand for commemorative issues for the occasion was going to be extremely strong. Indeed, we do understand that other Royal Wedding issues are also experiencing high levels of demand already.  And with this first allocation status coming a full month before the royal wedding day, we would anticipate that demand for other pieces will only heighten as the wedding day draws closer. 

We will endeavour to keep you informed of any further Royal Wedding sell out news as and when we receive it.

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