Olympic fever finally hitting the nation

silver countdown - Olympic fever finally hitting the nation
The 2009 Olympic Countdown Coin was the first ever UK Crown to sell-out

With the news reported last week that Britons had subscribed to a combined figure of 20 million tickets for the assorted events of London 2012, it would be safe to say that the nation has finally embraced the fact that the Olympic Games are to be upon us in little more than 12 months time.

And with this in mind, it would be fair to suggest too that interest in the London 2012 numismatic programme, which begun in 2009 and continues up until the big event, can only increase further as a result of the heightened excitement.

The London 2012 coin programme from the Royal Mint has already generated its share of stand out issues.  Indeed, this series has already produced the first UK Silver £5 Crown to ever sell out – alongside a variety of other exceptionally popular issues.

With the 50p Sports Programme now entering circulation and more issues scheduled over the coming months, demand for London 2012 pieces is only going to grow further as we move closer to July 2012.  Indeed, commemorative issues for Olympic games have often sparked a high level of interest from the general public and numismatists alike.  It may therefore be prudent to secure any coins of interest before it is too late – Olympic fever appears to have decisively struck the nation.

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