Largest-ever hoard of Iron Age coins goes on display

It has been announced that the largest-ever hoard of gold Iron Age coins discovered in Britain will be exhibited in Ipswich. Found in a field in Suffolk in 2008 by a pair of men, the 840 coins represent the largest and most complete set of gold coins from the Iron Age era in existence.

The coins were struck over 2,000 years ago by the Iceni tribe, who dominated East Anglia prior to the arrival of the Romans in the 1st Century BC.

Almost £300,000 was raised by donations and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to buy the coins for the Ipswich Museum, where the coins will be displayed before going on a touring exhibition to other locations in East Anglia.

The news of the local display of this hoard follows a similar announcement in January for a hoard in Somerset, which we had reported on previously.

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