Proof version of 2011 Silver Eagle released

The US Mint has announced the release of the Proof edition of the popular 2011 Silver Eagle, with a mintage limit to be announced later in the year.  Though the uncirculated edition of the coin has been available since earlier this year, due to its status as the highest quality available, the Proof edition of the Silver Eagle understandably draws considerable interest from collectors worldwide.

Often described as the world’s most famous silver coin, the 2011 Silver Eagle commemorates its 25th Anniversary this year.  Coming amid worldwide demand for silver coins and as a major milestone date, it seems likely that demand for the 2011 Proof edition will be even higher than in previous years.

What’s more, this release comes about at a point of exceptionally strong interest in silver coins worldwide.  Indeed, we recently noted that the Perth Mint had reported sales of silver coins had increased by 68% from the previous year, against exceptional clamour for silver.

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