Continued strong gold coin demand sees 2011 American Gold Proof Eagle sell out

It has recently been announced by the United States Mint that its ever popular 1oz Gold Eagle Proof coin for 2011 has now sold out, despite an increased edition limit of 30,000. This matches that of the 2010 coin, which sold out of its mintage of 25,000. Collectors and enthusiasts will now only be able to obtain the 2011 coin as part of the American Gold Eagle four coin set.

The 1oz is the largest Gold Eagle coin produced and is minted in 22 carat gold at the West Point Mint in New York State. It carries the Mint’s mark, a “W”, beneath the date and has a face value of 50 dollars.

The coin’s obverse design features a full length figure of Lady Liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. The reverse design depicts a male eagle carrying an olive branch flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings.

We have previously reported on the increasing demand for gold coins as continued global economic uncertainty undermines confidence in the banks and stock markets.  Those gold coins with a numismatic value beyond their metal content, such as this Gold Proof 1oz American Eagle and the United Kingdom Gold Proof Sovereign, have certainly proven to be especially sought after.

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