2012 Britannia Silver Coin Released

2012 britannia silver bullion coin - 2012 Britannia Silver Coin Released
Iconic depiction of the goddess revived to mark 25th anniversary

The Royal Mint has this month announced the release of the new United Kingdom Britannia silver £2 coin for 2012. The coin marks the 25thanniversary of Britannia coins and features the classic 1987 image of Britannia by Philip Nathan that was seen in the first year that the coin was minted. Since her first appearance on English coins in the seventeenth-century, Britannia has grown to become a powerful emblem, personifying the spirit of Great Britain.

Commenting on the 2012 Britannia coin, Dr Kevin Clancy, Director of the Royal Mint Museum said: “Philip Nathan’s design captures Britannia in her full splendour and is itself a triumph of numismatic art. It draws its inspiration from a strongly maritime approach, Britannia windswept on a cliff-top, the very essence of authority and elegance. In such a momentous year for Britain it is entirely fitting for the coinage to be graced with an acknowledged masterpiece.”

With Britannia often being used in the context of celebration, this latest coin to feature her comes at a particularly momentous time as the country prepares for both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympic Games.

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