Olympic Games 50p coin stokes public interest

offside50p - Olympic Games 50p coin stokes public interest
The 'Spirit of Football' Olympic Games 50p coin

There has been recent flurry of media interest in a particular 50p coin currently in circulation that has been struck to celebrate London 2012. The coin in question represents the spirit of football, with the reverse design attempting to explain the national enigma that is the offside rule.

Despite being first unveiled in 2010, only now having entered the year of the games has this innovative coin design drawn the attention of the media and the wider public.

The coin is just one of 29 coins unveiled by the Royal Mint over 12 months ago that celebrate different Olympic and Paralympic events. Lord Coe, London 2012 Chairman, said “Coins are a part of the fabric of our daily life, so to have a range of coins designed specifically to celebrate London 2012 is a huge honour, made all the more special by the fact that members of the public have designed them.”

Whilst the reaction to this particular coin may have taken many by surprise, it is perhaps more indicative of the rapidly rising public attention that London 2012 is now getting as we enter the new year. It is this interest that we believe will also attract many more people to the official coin programme issued by the Royal Mint.

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