New Diamond Jubilee sell-out underlines growing international interest

canada diamond jubilee 3 coin silver proof set lowres - New Diamond Jubilee sell-out underlines growing international interest
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 3 Coin Set

In the last few days the Royal Canadian Mint has reported on their website that their Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 3 Coin Silver Proof Set has sold out of its entire presentation limit of 2,500 sets.  This follows our report back in early December 2011 on the exceptionally rapid sell out of the Perth Mint of Australia’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee 2oz Gold Proof Coin.

The Canada Diamond Jubilee 3 Coin Silver Set contains three 99.99% pure silver proof coins that have issued to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  The coins collectively feature a double effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, the official Diamond Jubilee emblem for Canada and a Swarovski crystal element.  

Due to the low presentation limit of 2,500 sets and the increasing anticipation of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it is hardly surprising that this set has sold out.  However, it is perhaps the speed with which it has done so, so early in 2012, that has surprised many.

This sell out, alongside that of the Perth Mint 2oz Gold coin in December, are certainly strong indicators that we are already looking at a bumper year the world over for Diamond Jubilee numismatic products.  To add fuel to the fire, it has also recently been reported that the Perth Mint will very shortly be announcing a sell out of their 1/4oz Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Coin, with 95% of the total mintage of 1,000 already sold.  With such international enthusiasm apparent for Diamond Jubilee numismatics, more sell-outs are sure to follow.

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