Year of the Dragon set to herald increased demand for gold coins


2012 lunar dragon gold reverse - Year of the Dragon set to herald increased demand for gold coins
The 2012 Dragon coin issued by the Perth Mint

On January 23 2012 we entered the new Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon.  Arguably the most well known of the twelve Chinese lunar years, the dragon is traditionally an especially significant year for the Chinese as it is revered as particularly auspicious.

Traditionally, the Chinese would give gold and money as gifts during celebrations in the first four week of the New Year.  It is no surprise then that gold coins bearing the lunar creatures have always attracted strong demand from the ever-growing Far East market and, significantly, enthusiast collectors throughout the world.

Many of the foremost mints of the world annually issue lunar coins, including distinguished mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint in Australia.  Indeed, the 1oz Bullion Gold Lunar Coins issued by the latter have sold out every year for the last four years.

Now that we have entered the first Dragon year since 2000, the increased popularity and value of gold, alongside the reverence held for this mystic creature, is expected to see a significant jump in the demand for gold coins celebrating this landmark year.  As a consequence of this, and the continued growth in demand from the Far East, more and more collectors globally are being attracted to the new lunar coins for 2012.

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