Canadian Polar Bear $20 Silver Coin sells out in a month

The Royal Canadian Mint has in recent days announced the complete sell out of its 2012 Canadian $20 Polar Bear Silver Coin, despite a significant mintage of 250,000 and a strict limit set by the mint of three coins per household.

This Polar Bear coin was released in February 2012 and is the third in a series of 99.99% fine silver $20 for $20 coins by the mint that have proven exceptionally popular with collectors and those new to numismatics alike, with each coin bearing a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

The first in the series was the $20 Maple Leaf Silver Coin, released in February 2011.  It sold out of its massive 200,000 limit in less than a month and was, like the Polar Bear coin, limited to three coins per household.

Even though the mintage was increased to 250,000 for the second coin in the series, the $20 Canoe Silver Coin, it continued the form of its predecessor by selling out of its new higher limit, with the same household limit restriction, in just over a month after its release in October 2011.

With the continued runaway success of this series, collectors are hotly anticipating the next release by the Royal Canadian Mint.  Going on past evidence, any new release is hardly likely to be around long.

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