Royal Canadian Mint reveals $20 for $20 Diamond Jubilee coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has now revealed the fourth coin in their exceptionally popular $20 for $20 silver coin series.  Whilst the previous three coins in this notable series have focused on iconic Canadian themes – the Maple Leaf, Canoe and Polar Bear, this fourth silver coin has been minted in celebration of the momentous Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012, who has also served as Canada’s head of state since 1952.

The obverse of the coin features Mary Gillick’s famous ‘young head’ portrait of the Queen with the reverse featuring a new design for the Diamond Jubilee by Laurie McGaw that shows a contemporary portrait of the Queen.  Like the earlier coins of the series, this coin has been struck in 7.96 grams of 99.999% fine silver and is being made available at its face value of 20 Canadian dollars to the North American market.

Despite the first three coins in the series all selling out of their mintages in little over a month after release, the Royal Canadian Mint has kept the mintage at 250,000 for this coin, with a limit of three per household in North America still in place.  Undoubtedly, with the astonishing sell-out history of the Canadian $20 for $20 program firmly set, we expect to be reporting on the sell-out of this piece within a matter of weeks.

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