Ultra-rare US Gold Eagle coin to go on display

A proof United States 1907 rolled edge Indian $10 gold coin is due to be exhibited at a coin show in Long Beach, California at the end of the month.

What makes this particular coin so worthy of public display is that it is only one of two known to exist.  General Chairman of the Long Beach Expo explained: “There are only about 50 known rolled edge 1907 Eagles, and this is one of only two known with satin proof surfaces and graded NGC Satin PR67.”

This provenance has led to the coin being insured for $3 million – almost £2 million.  However, to add to this coin’s already considerable allure, research has been conducted that shows it may have been owned by U.S President Theodore Roosevelt.  President Roosevelt commissioned renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design the Eagle and Double Eagle that were introduced in 1907, which quickly became world famous and are so sought after to this day.

Whilst not as valuable as the 1933 U.S $20 Gold Double Eagle that we reported on in February that sold for an incredible £4.8 million at a Sotheby’s auction, the value attributed to this 1907 Gold Proof Eagle only serves to reinforce the importance of rarity, in combination with a precious metal content, when it comes to the desirability of numismatics.

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