Early U.S gold coin valued at $10 million

A United States 1787 Brasher Doubloon Gold Coin has been graded and valued at $10 million, which would make it the most valuable coin in the world.

Owned by renowned numismatist Walter Perschke, the coin is one of only seven examples known to exist, with this example considered to be the finest.  Mr Perschke commented “it is a great honour to own the extraordinary Brasher Doubloon, the world’s most famous and valuable coin.”

Two of the Brasher Doubloons are held in museums, but one privately owned coin was recently sold in New Orleans for nearly $7.4 million.

Although struck in New York City in 1787, the Brasher Doubloon’s origins otherwise remain largely an enigma to numismatists.  However, it is recognised as the newly independent United States of America’s first gold coin and with a personal connection to their first president, George Washington.  Ephraim Brasher was a well known gold and silversmith and a neighbour of the new president, with his ‘EB’ mintmark prominent on the obverse of the coin.

Such an impressive provenance as this does explain why these very rare coins are so sought after.  However, the $10 million valuation becomes even more astounding when you consider what a sound investment is has been for Mr Perschke, as he originally purchased his Brasher Doubloon in 1979 for just $430,000.

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