Sell-out Canadian $20 Silver Coin series continues with news of next issue

As part of their phenomenally successful $20 for $20 silver coin program, the Royal Canadian Mint has revealed details of the sixth release in the series – the $20 Magical Reindeer Silver Coin.

The reverse of the coin has been designed by renowned Canadian artist Virginia Boulay and features a festive reindeer theme to coincide with the approach of the holiday season for when the coin is released in mid-November.  The obverse features the familiar portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Like the preceding coins in this extremely popular series, this reindeer coin has been struck in 7.96g of fine silver, with a diameter of 27mm and possesses the same mintage limit as the last four coins, 250,000.  The previous coins issued were the Maple Leaf, Canoe, Polar Bear, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Farewell to the Penny.

What makes this $20 silver coin series particularly interesting to collectors is that despite a huge mintage of 200,000 for the first coin and 250,000 from there on, each of the coins has completely sold out after only around a month of release.  This is even more astounding when you consider that they are limited to just three per household in North America.

It is in little doubt then that we can expect this coin to follow in the foot steps of its predecessors and completely sell out within a similarly short timeframe.

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