United States Gold Eagle coin no longer available at mint

m474 us 1oz eagle lowres - United States Gold Eagle coin no longer available at mint
The 2012 1oz $50 US Gold Eagle coin

The United States Mint has confirmed that the 2012 Uncirculated Bullion $50 Gold Eagle coin is no longer available direct from the US Mint.  The 2012 Gold Eagle coins were made available at the end of June and so have only been on sale for less than five months.

What is even more surprising however is the exceptionally low mintage figure for this uncirculated $50 1oz 22 Carat Gold coin.  The last sales report from the US Mint revealed that they had received 5,796 orders for the coin.

Taking into account any sales in the following few days before the coin was withdrawn, the final mintage figure is still likely to be well under 6,000.

This figure equates to the lowest mintage ever for an American Eagle gold coin since their introduction in 1986, well over 30% less than the final sales figure of 8,822 for the 2011 version of this coin.  With many collectors now being left disappointed, the secondary numismatic market has already seen demand and consequently prices soar for this now rare issue.

Another likely knock-on effect is that an even greater number of collectors will be now be drawn to the Proof 2012 Gold Eagle coins. With their strict edition limits, this increased interest will inevitably hasten the sell out of these high quality coins – exactly as happened with the 2011 proof issues.  Fortunately, Coin Portfolio Management sill has a number of the Proof 1/4oz and 1oz US Gold Eagle coins available to keen collectors.

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