2012 Gold Proof Eagles now sold out at United States Mint

m474 us 1oz eagle lowres - 2012 Gold Proof Eagles now sold out at United States Mint

We reported in November that the 2012 Uncirculated Bullion $50 Gold Eagle coin had sold out at the United States Mint, but we can now reveal that the Proof version of this coin has now also sold out.

This 1oz Gold Eagle coin was the last of the 2012 US Gold Proof Eagle coins still available separately from the US Mint, as the individual 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins have all sold out in recent months.

With an edition limit of just over 14,000 for 2012, against 30,000 for the 2011 coin, it is perhaps unsurprisingly then that the $50 1oz coin has now sold out.  Indeed, the United States Mint’s edition limits for all the individually available 2012 Gold Proof Eagle coins are less than half those of 2011.

This is great news for collectors, as those owning the 2012 US Gold Proof Eagles can now look forward to them commanding a greater numismatic premium in the future over the 2011 coins, due to these much smaller edition limits.

However, there is no need to be disappointed if you do not already own a 2012 United States Gold Proof Eagle Coin, as Coin Portfolio Management has been able to obtain an allocation of the 1oz and 1/4oz 2012 coins before they sold out, which can both be viewed here.

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