25th Anniversary collectors miss out on Silver Maple Leaf

Few coins have the international following of Canada’s “4 nines” pure Silver Maple Leaf.  And nothing has proved that more than the furore surrounding its 25th Anniversary this year.

sml - 25th Anniversary collectors miss out on Silver Maple Leaf
Canada’s Silver Maple Leaf celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Straight from the starting blocks, demand was so high for the new 25th Anniversary issue that the Royal Canadian Mint was forced to ration sales with a January statement confirming that the Mint was “carefully managing supply in the face of very high demand”.

However, whilst the standard coin has faced rationing, collectors looking to own one of the small range of commemorative pieces issued to celebrate the coin’s quarter century anniversary faced real disappointment as release after release sold out.

Collector disappointment

Both the 1oz selectively gold plated 25th Anniversary Silver Proof Maple with an edition of 10,000 pieces and the 5 coin silver fractional set (edition limit: 9,999) have seen rapid sell outs.

rcm sold out - 25th Anniversary collectors miss out on Silver Maple Leaf
Many collectors were disappointed

That’s why there is real anticipation about the Royal Canadian Mint’s final 25th Anniversary release – the 25th Anniversary 5oz Silver Maple Leaf.

A last chance for collectors

Strictly limited to 2,000 pieces – just 20% of the previous 2 silver sell out issues – the 5oz Anniversary Maple Leaf recreates the design of the 1oz Silver Proof piece at five times the weight.  And, as well as its selective gold plating, it also features an unusual matt proof finish.

However, because of previous demand levels, the Royal Canadian Mint has already reserved 1,400 pieces for North American distribution, leaving just 600 pieces for release in the UK and Europe, which yet again is set to leave disappointed collectors outside of Canada.


 2013 canada maple leaf 5oz silver coin 4 - 25th Anniversary collectors miss out on Silver Maple Leaf

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