Are Australia’s Quarter Ounce Gold Coins the next collecting phenomenon?

Occasionally you see a certain coin or specification become a collecting phenomenon.  And I think that I may have identified a new one…Australian Quarter Ounce Gold Coins.

For some time, we have noted that Australian mints have had to limit production for gold bullion pieces due to excess demand but now it seems that there has been of an increasing run on ¼ oz Gold Poof Coins.

Until recently, there was only limited interest in such coins from Australia.  For example, the 2013 Australian Sovereign, saw sales of 85% of its edition limit but since then we have seen three notable sell-outs.

imagegen - Are Australia’s Quarter Ounce Gold Coins the next collecting phenomenon?
The Sold Out 2014 Australian Sovereign
  1. 2013 Coronation Jubilee ¼ oz Gold Proof
  2. 2013 Royal Baby ¼ oz Gold Proof
  3. 2014 Australian Sovereign ¼ oz Gold Proof

The first two coins, saw fairly rapid sell-out of their 1,000 piece edition limits.  But it is the Australian Sovereign that has really caused me to sit-up and pay attention.

That’s because its total edition limit of 1,500 coins sold out in just 3 months.

There seem to be some simple reasons for the growing success.

  1. There is only a limited number of proof ¼ oz Gold Proof Coins produced amongst the major English-speaking nation mints.
  2. A ¼ ounce has been long established as a standard specification amongst leading gold coins like the Sovereign and Krugerrand.  Its size provides a much more cost effective collecting option than larger 1 oz pieces.
  3. Australian edition limits are generally low.  For example, the UK ¼ oz Gold Sovereign has an edition limit of  7,500 this year and looks likely to struggle to sell out.  Recent Australian ¼ oz Gold Coins stand out as low in comparison.

Of course, it’s always difficult to predict how each new issue will perform.  But if you were to ask me to tip a sell-out I’d definitely look at new Australian ¼ oz Gold Proof Coins.


The latest Australian Quarter Ounce Gold Coin to be issued is the 25th Anniversary of the Kangaroo Quarter Ounce Gold Coin. For more information about this issue please click here.

imagegen 1 - Are Australia’s Quarter Ounce Gold Coins the next collecting phenomenon?
The Australian Kangaroo Quarter Ounce Gold Coin

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