How Greek investors are targeting UK Gold Coins

Gold and Silver saw a considerable jump at the start of 2015, but soon settled back to the relatively stable price it was at the start of the year. As a result, it remains a very good time to purchase precious metal coins as they remain at some of their most affordable prices for the last 5 years.

graph march 2015 - How Greek investors are targeting UK Gold Coins
Performance of gold and silver prices 2003 to March 2015

One group taking that advice is Greek investors. Greek demand for UK gold coins has risen significantly in the last few months as they attempt to find a safe haven for their wealth in light of the country’s ongoing political upheaval. The Bank of Greece reported sales of almost 6,000 Gold Sovereigns in January. Compare that to 7,857 sold in the whole of the last quarter of 2014 and you can see how demand is rising.

What will that mean for the collector and investor market in the UK? Time will tell, but we are seeing more and more issues selling out. The message has never been clearer – if you see a coin that would be a good addition to your portfolio, you simply can’t afford to wait because a sell-out could be just around the corner.

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