Why this coin sold out

The coin you see below sold out at the Mint quite a while ago and Coin Portfolio Management just sold the last few that were available in the UK. I’m going to tell you why it sold out.

grizzly bear - Why this coin sold out
Canada 2014 Silver $100 Grizzly Bear Coin

One hundred thousand of these coins were struck last year and they were snapped up quickly by eager collectors.

That may sound like a relatively large number, but the Royal Canadian Mint has a track record of selling out with far larger edition limits than that.

Take, for example, the $20 silver series issued since 2011. Each coin has had a mintage of over 200,000 – and each has sold out rapidly.

No surprise then that 100,000 sold so quickly.

Struck in 999.9/1000 fine silver and sold for just £75, it was a relatively modest addition to a Portfolio, but the minute it sold out at the Mint, it should have been an essential one.

Whilst the coin above is no longer available, CPM currently has extremely limited availability of another Canadian issue that has sold out at the Mint. In fact, we may have the last remaining few coins available in the world…

It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Silver 5oz Maple Leaf Coin– the first of its kind to feature gold plating. The edition limit of 2,000 sold very quickly, but we have a limited number available exclusively for CPM clients.

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