The “unknown” Gold Sovereign that sold out in 8 weeks

2014 australia sovereign obverse reverse1 - The “unknown” Gold Sovereign that sold out in 8 weeks
2015 Australia Gold Proof Sovereign

The Australian Gold Sovereign is struck to the exact same specification as the UK Gold Sovereign with 7.98g of 22 Carat Gold. All that differs is the design and, most importantly, the edition limit. It only has an edition limit of 1,500, in comparison to 7,500 for the UK Proof Sovereign.

The reverse design of the Sovereign is based on the original 1855 Type 1 Australian Sovereign.  In addition to being the first ever Australian Sovereign, this was the first ever Sovereign to be struck outside of the United Kingdom.

As a result, this is a coin that very few people on this side of the world know about and yet the 2014 edition still sold out within 8 weeks. That’s why I’m so excited to let you know that I have secured a very small stock of the 2015 release, one of which you may be lucky enough to obtain by clicking here.

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