Launched at 1pm, sold out by 3pm…

eic logo gold 3 - Launched at 1pm, sold out by 3pm…
A pioneering company that fuelled the growth of the British Empire

I’ve just seen an allocation of coins sell out in under 2 hours.

The coins – a Guinea and Mohur pair from the East India Company – were available for £1,495 for less time than your average Hollywood movie lasts.

They were very special though…

Their origin goes al the way back to 1677 when King Charles II agreed to something totally unprecedented. He allowed the East India Company to mint their own coins for trade within the territories they administered.

Now 300 years on, the East India Company has once again authorised the issue of 2 coins.

mohurguineau twin gift box - Launched at 1pm, sold out by 3pm…
The Guinea & Mohur Set – Limited to 200 pieces worlwide

But the total release is limited to just 200 sets worldwide with just 100 for the UK.

I was able to secure an initial 25 for CPM clients.

The coins are modern issues of the Guinea and the Mohur – the very two coins that built the British Empire.

I will be doing everything to try and secure a further allocation in the coming weeks, so if you would like to reserve a set for your Portfolio, please just call your Consultant on 0330 900 1180.

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