Launched 5 May, Sold Out 5 May

reverse - Launched 5 May, Sold Out 5 May
The sold out Canadian Beaver 5 Cent coin

The Canadian 2015 5oz Silver Proof 5 Cent Beaver Coin shown here has the honour of achieving sell-out status on the day it was launched.

Not officially launched until 5 May, it already sold out its edition limit of 1,500 pieces by that date.

The coins are composed of five ounces of fine silver and feature selective gold plating on both the reverse and the obverse.

The iconic beaver design, first issued in 1937, has been used continuously on Canadian “nickels” with only a few notable exceptions.

This coin almost got away from us, but thankfully, we have our contact at the Royal Canadian Mint who put 30 aside for us.

He gave us the inside track on this coin selling out and now we are able to pass that on to Coin Portfolio Management clients.

You can add one to your Portfolio if you’re quick enough to be one of the first thirty clients to do so on the link below.

Click here to add the 5 Cent Beaver to your Portfolio

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