Can you predict which coins are going to sell out?

I read an article recently on in which the author discussed whether collectors can predict which coins are going to sell out or if it’s all simply down to luck.

Whilst he commented that “no one can predict with certainty which modern issues will do well”, he added that “experienced collectors and dealers often agree about which issues have good potential to increase in value” and that “it is possible to learn a lot by studying trends and patterns over time”.

obvrev - Can you predict which coins are going to sell out?
The next sell-out?

This is exactly what we do at Coin Portfolio Management and we pass that knowledge and experience on to you.

Let me give you a real example with a current release. The coin shown here is the new $100 Silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint for 2015.

The coin is already heading for sell-out, but that is no surprise as the $100 silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint have a proven track record for selling out.

Over the last few years, coins depicting a bald eagle, grizzly bear, bighorn sheep and others have all sold out their edition limit.

Now the petit cheval de fer – the “little iron horse” as it is known in its native Quebec – looks like doing the same, with the edition limit of 45,000 unlikely to satisfy demand.

I have been able to source 50 of these coins for Coin Portfolio Management clients as this is just the sort of coin that belongs in a portfolio.

All you have to do to secure one for your Portfolio is click on the link below and be one of the first 50 clients to place your order.

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