Why has the new 2015 UK proof Sovereign already sold out at the Mint?

cl lrm 2015 jc sovereign coin - Why has the new 2015 UK proof Sovereign already sold out at the Mint?
The 2015 Jody Clark Sovereign – sold out at the Royal Mint

This year’s Sovereign has bucked a trend for the Royal Mint by selling out. For the last few years UK proof Sovereigns have not sold out their edition limits, so why is 2015 so different?

2015 is the first year in over a century that Sovereigns featuring the same date have been issued with two different portraits, making this proof Sovereign one of the most important for coin collectors.

The fifth portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark features on the new 2015 Gold Proof Sovereign, replacing the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait.

The first Jody Clark Sovereign

The 2015 Sovereign will always be the first to feature the Jody Clark portrait and collectors will always look to collect the first of any coin, especially one as important as the UK Sovereign.

That, coupled with the fact that it is an unusual year in which two designs have appeared on a Sovereign explains why this year’s Sovereign has sold out so quickly.

There will be a lot of disappointed collectors out there that couldn’t secure one, which is why you should look to add one to your Portfolio should you get the chance.


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