Revealed: The secret UK £2 coin

p337 waterlo c2a32 in box - Revealed: The secret UK £2 coin
The “secret” Waterloo £2

Something odd has been happening recently with UK coins…

A number of “secret” British coins have been discovered that were never made available to UK collectors, selling overseas instead.

Some have gone as far as North America and, most recently, I found out about a special British Waterloo coin being sold via the Netherlands only.

I say “special” because it weighs more, is made from purer silver and has a lower edition limit than the version for British collectors.

In short, it is superior in all three elements that create value for the collector.

These are coins that will always have an interesting story behind them, making them coins that collectors will always love and yet they are not available on the domestic market.


I’ve been able to get hold of a couple of these “secret” Waterloo coins. You have the chance to add one to your Portfolio today and it is surprisingly affordable at just £195.

Click here to see the “secret” coin for yourself and add one to your Portfolio

Remember – this coin has seemingly never been listed nor offered by the Royal Mint, so you have a rare opportunity indeed.

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