Banned by the French, but issued by the Belgians

The story of the controversial Belgian 10 Euro Coin

Earlier this year, Belgium planned to issue a commemorative Waterloo coin in honour of the Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  France objected though branding the commemoration of Waterloo as a “symbol that is negative” which would “undermine the unity of the Eurozone.” So to avoid upsetting their neighbouring country Belgium destroyed 180,000 coins.

Some months after the objection, Belgium decided to invoke a little-known European Union rule allowing countries to issue euro coins of their choice, provided they are an irregular denomination.

The Belgian Mint successfully issued a commemorative 10 Euro coin to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  Instead of 180,000 coins, the new 10 Euro pieces were given an edition limit of just 10,000 thus creating an instant collectable.

With an edition limit that small and the story behind its creation, this is a coin that collectors will flock to buy – the type of coin that will always be in demand.

225k coin - Banned by the French, but issued by the Belgians
2015 Belgium Battle of Waterloo 10 Euro Coin

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