Coin of the Year winners announced

The Coin of the Year Awards ceremony takes place in Berlin on 6 February, celebrating the best, most inspirational and most innovative coins issued during 2014. The nominees for 2015-dated coins will also be announced.

The coins were judged by an international panel of experts in the following categories:

Best Silver Coin
Best Bi-Metallic Coin
Most Artistic Coin
Best Gold Coin
Most Innovative Coin
Most Historically Significant Coin
Best Contemporary Event Coin
Best Crown Coin
Best Circulating Coin
Most Inspirational Coin

Best Gold Coin went to the United States for their Baseball Hall of Fame Five Dollar, which was a big innovation for the US Mint, adopting a new minting technique to create a concave finish to the coin like a baseball on one side and an open baseball glove on the other.

us 5 dollar baseball - Coin of the Year winners announced

The coin sold out very quickly.

The Best Silver Coin award was scooped up by The Mint of Austria with their emotive 20 Euro piece marking the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989. Their poignant design of a protestor stepping through a break in the wall stirred the memories of many who had watched the historic events in person or on televised broadcasts around the world.

austria 20 euro - Coin of the Year winners announced

The Coin of the Year will be picked from the winners of each category as follows:

Best Silver Coin – Austria 20 Euro coin depicting the collapse of the Berlin Wall
Best Bi-Metallic Coin – Austria 25 Euro silver and niobium coin highlighting the science of evolution
Most Artistic Coin – Austria gold 50 Euro coin honouring a Gustav Klimt painting, Judith II.
Best Gold Coin – United States of America five dollar gold Baseball coin
Most Innovative Coin – United States of America half dollar copper-nickel clad Baseball coin
Most Historically Significant Coin – Germany 10-euro silver coin commemorating the 300th anniversary of Daniel Fahrenheit’s invention of the mercury thermometer
Best Contemporary Event Coin – Latvia five-euro silver coin for the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way demonstration which brought together citizens of Lativa, Lithuania and Estonia
Best Crown Coin – Canada $20 silver coin featuring a view looking up at a Maple Leaf tree canopy
Best Circulating Coin – Great Britain Lord Kitchener two pound bi-metallic coin
Most Inspirational Coin – Poland 10 zlotych silver coin honouring the birth of Jan Karski, who smuggled Holocaust evidence to the Allies in a hollow key


If you’re looking for a beautiful gold coin, my recommendation has to be the 20F Gold Angel first issued by Monnaie de Paris in 1871. Not only is it artistically beautiful, but this coin is also meant to be lucky…

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