What was on everyone’s lips at this year’s Berlin World Money Fair?

Every year, thousands of coin collectors and hundreds of dealers and Mints descend upon the Estrel Exhibition Centre in Berlin for the World Money Fair.

world money fair1 - What was on everyone’s lips at this year’s Berlin World Money Fair?
The Berlin World Money Fair 2016

It’s one of the many shows I attend to find the right coins for our client’s portfolios.

I came back over the weekend after attending private meetings with Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, South African Mint and many more.

They showed me their plans for the rest of the year, including some exciting coins with incredibly low edition limits that I will be looking to secure for Coin Portfolio Management clients.

But one thing cropped up in every meeting I attended…

The 90th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen

This is going to be a massive theme for the year. From here to Australia, some of the world’s largest mints are going to be releasing an array of coins to commemorate the big day on 21 April.

It is an incredibly significant time in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, with her 90th birthday coming just a few short months after she became our longest reigning monarch.

That was a significant milestone, but Her Majesty was very keen to keep it low-key.

That’s simply not the case for her 90th Birthday. Plans are already in place for a royal pageant in Windsor Great Park, a national service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and a special “Patron’s lunch” celebrating the Queen’s charitable support.

The world’s mints are taking note because collectors will be queuing up to grab their memento for such a significant occasion.

Whatever sales were like for Longest Reigning Monarch (and we saw multiple sell-outs); demand will be much, much greater for her 90th Birthday.

I’ll let you know about the coins from Canada, Australia and beyond just as soon as I can.


coin - What was on everyone’s lips at this year’s Berlin World Money Fair?In the meantime, I have secured a small allocation of the flagship £5 Silver Proof issued to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday on 21 April issued by Jersey.

Just 2,500 coins have been authorised. To give you an idea, that’s just 5% of the edition limit for the last UK £5 Silver Proof coin issued for the Queen’s birthday ten years ago.

You can secure one for your Portfolio by clicking here

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