A brand new error coin has just been discovered

roaring grizzly error - A brand new error coin has just been discovered
The part Maple Leaf error affects 55 coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has just confirmed that a small number of error coins has escaped the Mint.

The coin in question is the Proof 2016 Roaring Grizzly .99999 fine gold $200, which has an edition limit of 250. Of those 250 coins, 55 are known to carry the error, which occurred when a die bearing a marking intended for the bullion version of the coin was used to produce 55 of the proof coins.

You can see the error highlighted on the image to the right. The coin erroneously displays part of a maple leaf security mark that was intended for the bullion version only.

The coin actually sold out before it was issued, so incredibly some buyers may not know that their coin is an error. In fact, as I write this there does not appear to be any clamour for the error coin, with no eBay listings for the coin.

Who knows what this coin will sell for when the error becomes more widely known.

Errors like this are rare, but with so many new coins issued each year, the odd mistake is sure to slip through.


If you’re looking to add an error coin to your Portfolio, why not look at what may actually be the world’s most famous coin error? Whilst the Roaring Grizzly error mentioned above affects over 20% of the edition limit, the error coin I’m talking about makes up less than 0.25% of the total number of coins issued.

You can see the error here.

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