“Rare on a global level” – 2,000 year old coin found

augustus coin find - “Rare on a global level” – 2,000 year old coin foundFinding a 2,000 year old coin – only the second known example – shouldn’t be this easy…

When Laurie Rimon went on a hike in eastern Galilee this week and saw a shiny object just sitting in the grass, she could never have believed it would actually be a gold coin from AD107.

It wasn’t buried under tonnes of earth, requiring the best metal detector to locate it. It was just sat on the grass waiting to be found.

The coin in question is from Roman times, featuring the portrait of Emperor Augustus who ruled from 27BC to AD14.

The only other example of such a coin is held in the British Museum.

Dr Danny Syon, a senior numismatist at the Israel Antiquities Authority who Ms Rimon handed the coin over to, said: “This coin is rare on a global level”.

Before you ask, the coin is priceless.


I can’t offer you a 2,000 year old coin, but I can give you the chance to own a rare coin from 200 years ago with quite a story

It’s a 20F coin minted during Napoleon’s 111 day reign as Emperor in 1815 – after his exile on Elba and before his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

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