The Australian coin everyone should know about

There’s one coin that makes most Australians check their change without fail. And who can blame them? Find this special coin and they could be holding a £200,000+ penny

1930 penny - The Australian coin everyone should know aboutThe 1930 Penny

By no means the rarest Australian coin, the 1930 penny is without doubt the best known. There have been books, webpages, emails and countless blogs written on the coin, but why is it so rare and so valuable?

A Numbers Game

Just look at the mintages for the Australian Penny in a 10 year period from 1927 to 1936 and you start to understand the appeal of the 1930 issue.

1927: 4,922,450
1928: 3,038,400
1929: 2,599,200
1930: Unknown (usually estimated around 1,200)
1931: 494,400
1932: 2,116,800
1933: 5,817,600
1934: 5,808,100
1935: 3,724,900
1936: 9,890,400

Nobody knows for sure how many pennies were issued in 1930 because surviving Mint records are so thin on the ground and those that are available are sketchy at best.

Any mintage figures that are accepted in numismatic circles today have been deduced from second-hand information.

Auctioning soon for £9,000

One of the more affordable examples of this classic rarity goes under the hammer in Queensland next week.

The example is graded “Good Fine” and carries an estimate of just over £9,000.

The finest known circulation example was offered at auction on 2 June 2011, in Melbourne. Estimated at $450,000 Australian (£240,000), it failed to sell.



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