Australia releases its first ever Quarter

America is the only nation with a Quarter in its currency, but that is about to change…

For the first time Australia is launching its own 25 cent coin, with more than one million “Quarters” being released by The Royal Australian Mint in an exclusive one-off release.

Although they will be legal tender, the unique gold-coloured coins are unlikely to be seen in general circulation because demand from collectors will be so high.

The new coins – launched tomorrow on ANZAC Day – will feature significant military moments in Australia’s history.

Whereas America’s Quarters are silver-coloured, the Australian Quarter will be gold-coloured, made from copper and aluminium.

Australia has no immediate plans to introduce the Quarter to their coinage permanently, so this looks like a one-off release, which is sure to be snapped up by collectors.



Special 50th Anniversary Release from Australia – Just 95 Sets Available in the UK

p097 complete set - Australia releases its first ever QuarterThis year is the 50th anniversary of Decimalisation Day in Australia – the day they stopped using the British currency system of pounds, shillings and pence.

Unsurprisingly, Australians have been going mad for the new 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation issues already released…

But I have had a bit if success. I have been able to secure just 95 unique Anniversary Sets that combine the commemorative issues from both official Australian Mints – Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint.

It’s a set of six coins struck to the very highest Proof finish available for just £395.

Click here to find out more and be one of the lucky 95 people in the UK to secure a set

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