Have you seen the ground-breaking new Euro coin?

blue planet earth euro1 - Have you seen the ground-breaking new Euro coin?Following the news of the British £1 coin becoming more secure, the Euro has been given a security make-over…

Named the “Blue Planet Earth”, the new 5 Euro coin entered circulation in Germany on Thursday 14 April and it has coin collectors particularly excited.

10 years of research went into perfecting the development of this coin, culminating in a new material being used in the minting of coins. That new material is translucent polymer and it is used for the very first time on this new 5 Euro coin.

It makes up the blue ring that encircles the centre of the coin and it’s a ground-breaking innovation.

The Bavarian finance ministry claims that the blue ring makes the coin much harder to counterfeit because it is easy to recognise, meaning that a check for authenticity is possible with the naked eye.

The polymer itself is complex to produce and it makes it easier for cash machines to tell the difference between a real coin and a fake.

Only 2 million of these coins are to be issued compared to the 5.5 billion 2 Euro coins in circulation, so it would be a surprise for one to turn up in your change on a visit to Germany as collectors will snap these up as soon as possible.

Watch this space though as the Bavarian Finance Ministry is considering the implementation of the new design on more mainstream coins.



The Waterloo coin nobody told you about

There’s a Battle of Waterloo coin that is missing from UK coin collections…

Issued by the Royal Dutch Mint, only 1,250 coins have been struck in fine silver and finished with colour.

But this fine silver proof coin can now be yours for just £45 as I have secured a small quantity.

Normally, I wouldn’t be this excited about a coin like this, but the importance of the Netherlands in the Battle of Waterloo, the coin’s little-known status, its very limited edition and perhaps most importantly its price of just £45 simply make it a MUST HAVE piece.

Click here to secure your hidden Waterloo coin for just £45

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