Rare gold coin dropped in charity box

The Salvation Army has announced that somebody dropped a rare 1897 coin in one of their counter charity boxes in January.

The coin, which was inset in a gold necklace, has been valued at almost £300.

Charities, and The Salvation Army in particular, are not strangers to finding such generous gifts in their collection boxes.

Just before Christmas, a Salvation Army worker found a gold coin wrapped up in a $100 bill. The coin in question was a pure gold Krugerrand from 1978 – probably the most famous gold coin in the world.

Weighing one ounce, the coin was valued at £850.

One Salvation Army collection box in Iowa even had a 1/10oz gold Krugerrand dropped in it every year for 5 years.


p113 quarter ounce kruger - Rare gold coin dropped in charity box

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