When grief took over UK coinage

Every coin tells a story. Some have designs loaded with symbolism, such as a sword signalling a country’s strength, wreaths made up of the region or country’s main agricultural crops of the time or an olive branch acting as a symbol of peace.

But only once has a monarch’s grief been represented on UK coins…

qv old head sov - When grief took over UK coinageIt was the third and final portrait of Queen Victoria used on British coins during her 63 year reign.

Replacing the unpopular “Jubilee Head” portrait, which was launched in 1887 as part of Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, the “Old” or “Veiled Head” portrait was present on our coinage from 1893 until her death in 1901.

As the names suggest, the portrait featured Victoria in her later years, with a widow’s veil incorporated into the design.

This was seen as a reference to the life of mourning Victoria resigned herself to after the death of her husband Albert.

It is the only time a British monarch has been depicted in mourning on our coinage.

That makes coins from this time very special. Collectors and coin lovers revere them due to the story they tell.

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