The Queen’s birthday £5 coin worth £4,500 sells out

The Royal Mint issued a rare and special coin for the Queen’s 90th birthday last month. Despite a price tag of £4,500, the coin sold out before Her Majesty even celebrated her big day.

Why was the coin so special?

p413 thickness - The Queen's birthday £5 coin worth £4,500 sells out
Piedforts are double the thickness of a normal coin

It was a “Piedfort” – a coin struck to double the normal thickness. They are traditionally reserved for prestigious diplomatic gifts for kings, nobility and VIPs.

They date back to 13th century France and literally translate to “heavy foot” or more accurately “heavyweight”.

The double thickness of the coins means they take considerable skill to produce, which is why very few mints around the world are able to issue them.

Understandably, collectors love them and the 90th birthday Piedfort was especially attractive to collectors because the coin was struck in platinum, making it a very rare issue.

The maximum mintage was 90. They were sold out within days of being announced.


You can own the OFFICIAL Queen’s 90th Birthday 2016 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort

Piedfort coins are double the thickness of a normal coin and take considerable skill to produce, with only certain Mints having the ability to produce them.

The Royal Mint has commemorated Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday as she becomes the first monarch to reach this milestone with a special silver Piedfort coin.

Limited to a maximum mintage of just 7,000, we have secured 125 for Coin Portfolio Management clients. They feature the same design on the reverse as the £5,000 platinum coin.

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