This coin is angering a lot American collectors

p861 mercury dime coin - This coin is angering a lot American collectorsThe US Mint is receiving a lot of criticism from collectors right now and it is all stemming from the coin you see here.

It’s the brand new 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin – one of three special centennial editions from the US Mint this year.

Launched at midday on 21 April, collectors experienced website crashes, failed orders and general frustration before seeing the dreaded “This coin is unavailable” message at 12:45.

The US Mint had sold the entire first run of this coin in just 45 minutes.

Some of the comments from collectors make interesting reading:

“I tried perhaps twenty times, went back to top, etc., no luck. I was hoping maybe the order went thru, but no such luck.”

“I saw an eBay listing for $2,700, goodness.”

“I also experienced multiple problems with the US Mint website for the first 15 minutes or so. I was kicked out of the site several times in 3 different web browsers before I was able to successfully place my orders for the new Mercury 24K Gold Coin. The good news is according to my US Mint account order history, it looks like all of my orders were accepted and are being processed.”

“Lucky you. I had to turn to eBay to get one.”

The 2016 gold Mercury dime has a mintage limit of 125,000 pieces and household ordering limits are currently placed at 10 pieces.

Why is this coin so special?

The 2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Mercury dimes, minted in 1916.

The dime’s original design by Adolph A. Weinman serves as the basis for the new coin.

Measuring close to the same width of the original Mercury Dime, this new coin is struck in 1/10th of an ounce of 24 Carat Gold – a symbolic nod to the dime’s 10-cent denomination.

It is the first American Dime to be issued in solid 24 Carat Gold.

The US Mint is yet to announce how many have sold. Collectors are hoping that they have only released the first batch of coins, but nobody knows for sure.

One thing is for sure – I have managed to secure 50 for Coin Portfolio Management clients.

This may be your only chance to add this special coin to your Portfolio, so please act quickly to avoid missing out.

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