The best luxury investments of 2015 were…

classics montage - The best luxury investments of 2015 were…The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, which tracks the price performance of luxury collectables, has been updated and the top performers have been announced.

The top 5, starting with the investment that has achieved the best annual growth, is as follows:

1. Classic Cars – up 17%
2. Rare Coins – up 13%
3. Watches – up 5%
4. Wine – up 5%
5. Jewellery – up 4%

Classic cars benefited from some of the most valuable cars selling at auction last year, with 8 cars selling for more than $10m in 2015.

Rare coins have seen steady growth for the last few years, with the 13% rise last year beating the 10% seen in 2014.

The top performer in the coin index referenced by Knight Frank was a 2,000-year old gold Aureus coin that sold for £300,000 last year.



edward vii silver coro crown coin - The best luxury investments of 2015 were…Own your very own classic coin from over 100 years ago

This is the King Edward VII Coronation Crown from 1902. It is the only Crown issued during his reign, being issued for just one year only.

It can be yours for just £295.

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