Gold reaches 3-year high

Last week’s referendum result in which Britain voted to leave the European Union has seen nervous investors turning to gold as financial markets tumble.

gold price graph 2013 to 2016 - Gold reaches 3-year highAs a result the gold price shot over £1,000 an ounce for the first time in over 3 years.

Whilst financial markets have plummeted and trading was suspended in London-listed banks Barclays and RBS after they dropped by more than 10%, gold jumped by over 20% in a matter of hours.

Financial experts don’t see the gold price stopping there. HSBC believes “gold may reach $1,400 an ounce”.

According to Macquarie Research: “Gold prices will go higher in the third quarter as the full ramifications of Brexit begin to be felt”, so even if we’re seeing a slight “cooling off period” now, it may only be a brief respite.


A gold coin, worth much more than its weight in gold…

a6c 2016 gold sovereign 3 - Gold reaches 3-year highAt Coin Portfolio Management, we look for coins with a “numismatic premium” – the value a coin can attract over and above its intrinsic precious metal value.

The coin you see here is a perfect example. It’s a unique Gold Sovereign issue.

One that just 995 people world-wide will ever own – the “Long to Reign Over Us” DateStamp™ Gold Sovereign.

It has been exclusively released in 2016 to recognise what is currently the most important period of the Queen’s life as she celebrated becoming our Longest Reigning Monarch late last year and her 90th Birthday just a few months ago.

We have less than 50 available.

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