A lot can happen in 56 minutes…

platinum eagle - A lot can happen in 56 minutes…At midday on 30 June, The US Mint launched their brand new Platinum Proof 2016 American Eagle $100 coin.

By 12:56 that same day, all 10,000 coins had been allocated.

What happened next?

I’m sure you can guess. The coins start popping up on eBay for a price far higher than the original US Mint price of $1,350.

Within minutes of the coin being made unavailable, they were appearing on eBay for between $1,750 and $2,000.

This is by no means the first time a coin from The US Mint has sold out its allocation almost as soon as it is released.

I reported back in May about the special gold centenary edition of the Mercury Dime that sold out in just 45 minutes.

A lot of collectors are missing out because demand appears stronger than ever. As a result, the secondary market is thriving.


A quick sell-out on this side of the Pond

482r box - A lot can happen in 56 minutes…The Royal Mint issued this beautiful coin as a fitting farewell to the £1 coin as we currently know it, which will disappear from your change next spring.

It will be the first time the pound coin has ever changed in more than 30 years of circulation.

Just 7,500 of these special silver proof coins were released and you won’t find them in your change as they will never enter circulation.

No longer available at the Mint

Predictably, demand for this coin has been immense and they are no longer available from The Royal Mint, but you still have the chance to add one to your Portfolio for just £60.

Click here to add one of these special “Last Round Pound” coins to your Portfolio

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