How the Canadian Mint guarantees a sell-out every year

An update from the ANA World’s Fair of Money in California.

2016 5 fine silver coin ana california state flower the poppy reverse - How the Canadian Mint guarantees a sell-out every yearI’m here in Anaheim among nearly 1,000 coin dealers and thousands of collectors for America’s biggest coin show.

As always, there is a one coin that everybody is trying to get their hands on.

That’s because every year The Royal Canadian Mint produces a very special – and very collectable – version of their famous silver Maple Leaf coin to mark the ANA show.

They take their Silver Maple Leaf, of which they will sell 25 million each year, and add a small ‘privy mark’ to a small run of them, creating an instant collectable.

And they sell out every year.

This year, they have added a Californian Poppy to the coin’s reverse below the main Maple Leaf design, along with the words “ANA ANAHEIM”.

Just 6,000 of these special reverse-proof coins will ever be available.

You can own one today

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We won’t have them available for long.

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