As the gold price climbs, so do the number of fakes

fake - As the gold price climbs, so do the number of fakesUnsurprisingly, with the value of gold soaring unscrupulous types are trying to make a quick buck peddling counterfeit gold in the form of coins.

Technology is making them easier to produce and harder to detect.

The gold price has jumped by over 40% since the turn of the year, so the precious metal market is attracting new crowds trying to make a profit selling better fakes than have been seen before.

The look and feel of fake gold is getting incredibly close to the real thing and the internet also plays a part here, with online selling much easier now meaning that more and more fake coins are finding their way into collections and portfolios.

Most disconcertingly, there is very little data in place that tracks counterfeit gold in circulation. There is no central organisation responsible for it and investors are often reluctant to report fakes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a number of leading dealers in the US say they have encountered rising numbers in recent years though.

Experts have attributed the majority of fake coin production to China, where fake goods across industries are a persistent problem because counterfeit laws are not strictly enforced.

So what can you do to put your mind at ease when buying gold coins?

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p140 in box - As the gold price climbs, so do the number of fakesJust 200 of these coins were ever available

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