The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your Portfolio

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Owning a Classic coin is just like owning a classic car. It is not simply that it is old that sets it apart. It’s something more.

Its beauty. Its history. Its sense of panache. It’s a Jaguar E-Type, not a Morris Marina. It’s a classic now and forever.

Why should I own Classic Coins?

Owning a meaningful Classic Coin Portfolio gives you and your family a miniature numismatic museum in your own home. A collection of truly historic pieces of established collector value, each one with its own history and story.

They are called classic coins for a reason; not just because they are some of the most collectable coins ever to be produced, but also because of the memories they hold.

They are coins of history and you can hold them in the palm of your hand.

How do I go about adding Classic Coins to my Portfolio?

With Classic coins, it’s important that they have a story or history that makes them stand out from the crowd. Something that will ensure that future generations will find them as fascinating and collectable as you or I do today.

You also need to be able to guarantee each coin for quality and authenticity.

Here are some of my top Classic coin recommendations:

Britain’s First-Ever Commemorative Crown

morgan dollar1 - The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your PortfolioStruck in 1935 to mark George V’s Silver Jubilee, the “Rocking Horse” Crown (as it became known) is Britain’s first commemorative Crown and is also commonly recognised as one of the most beautiful British coins ever issued.

Find out more here

The Morgan Dollar

morgan dollar - The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your PortfolioThe most collected classic coin in the States, the history of the Morgan Dollar conjures up images of the smoke-filled saloon bars of the Wild West.

Issued between 1878 and 1921, the fascinating stories behind the “Hot Lips” Morgan Dollar or the controversial Peace Dollar are just two of many great Portfolio opportunities open to you.

Find out more about the US Silver Morgan Dollar here

The “Lucky” Angel

morgan dollar2 - The Expert Guides Series: Adding Classic Coins to your PortfolioA similar size and weight to the Gold Sovereign, the French 20 Franc Gold Angel has passed into legend as the “lucky” coin. Allegedly Napoleon lost his Lucky Angel the day before defeat at Waterloo. French naval captains regularly kept the coin and the legend has spread across the world with US Fighter pilots still carrying them today.

Find out more here

For my full list of the most collectable classic coins for your Portfolio, click here for the downloadable Expert Guide.

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