Why the Sovereign is the UK’s sell-out King of Coins

More of our clients choose to build a collection of Gold Sovereigns than any other coin to date.


Quite simply, the Gold Sovereign is without rival as the United Kingdom’s premier Gold Coin. Struck from 22 Carat Gold to the exact same specification since 1817, it epitomises all that is British.

Traded across the world during the 19th Century and early 20th Century, it became known as “The Chief Coin of the World”, whilst today’s modern Proof Sovereigns show consistent collector interest and regular sell-outs.

In fact, in recent years, the Sovereign has become the UK’s sell-out king, with the last 4 Gold Proof Sovereigns selling out totally.

That’s 35,500 Sovereigns sold in the last 4 years and sell-outs have even been achieved in a matter of weeks across some of those releases.

What has driven this frenzied demand for Britain’s most iconic gold coin?

It started in 2015 with the second Proof Sovereign released for that year. It featured the fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty on a Sovereign for the first time and 7,000 coins sold out in a short space of time.

That was quickly followed by the special 2016 Sovereign, which featured a one-year-only portrait of the Queen for her 90th birthday. 7,500 Sovereigns were issued and 7,500 Sovereigns sold out.

The most significant release came for 2017 though when The Royal Mint made the decision to revisit the original design of the modern Sovereign issued in 1817.

To celebrate the bicentenary they faithfully reproduced Benedetto Pistrucci’s masterpiece and 10,500 Proof Sovereigns sold out within 30 days.

The bicentenary of the modern Sovereign brought in a large pool of new collectors, leading to another quick sell-out for the 2018 Sovereign, which was issued just over a year ago.

Edition limit cut for 2019

Now the 2019 Proof Sovereign has been released and its edition limit has been cut by 1,000 coins.

Is that going to secure a fifth consecutive sell-out for the UK Gold Proof Sovereign?

With the amount of interest in the Sovereign over the last few years, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

CPM UK 2019 Gold Proof Sovereign Blog Image - Why the Sovereign is the UK’s sell-out King of Coins

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