The new United Kingdom £5 Coin that no-one seems to know about…

13 September 2016 saw much excitement as the Bank of England released the new Polymer £5 note.

But it’s not the only new “fiver” issued in 2016. A couple of months before, The Royal Mint issued a brand new £5 Coin – struck in fine silver.

Most people don’t know about it. Even fewer will ever own one.

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About the UK’s NEW Silver £5 Coin

The UK’s new £5 is a bullion coin. That means it has been released specifically for people who want a way to own Silver. Whilst it is legal tender with a face value of £5.00, its real value is in the 2 ounces of 99.99% pure silver that is contains.

But it is also a coin of real numismatic interest and collectability.

More affordable than most UK Silver Coins

Most UK silver coins sell a significant premium over their silver content. That’s because they have been specially struck and are issued in a strict limited edition, which often sells out.

But the new Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin is much more affordable due to its bullion coin status. You only pay a small premium over the value of the silver (plus VAT, of course), which means that you can own the Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin for just £49 (£40.83 + VAT).

To give you a comparison, a standard UK Silver Proof £5 Coin, which has less than HALF the weight of silver sells for £80.00. £31.00 extra for less than half the silver content.

Collectible now and for future generations

Of course, bullion coins are normally not as collectible as the special limited edition pieces The Royal Mint issues.

But the Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin looks set to be an exception. And there are three reasons why:

  1. It is the FIRST time the UK has ever issued a 2oz Silver £5 Coin. And firsts, like this are always popular with collectors.
  2. The Royal Mint plans to issue future bullion coins featuring Royal Heraldic Beasts. Only collectors who own the Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin will ever be able to complete the collection. New collectors will have to buy these coins on the secondary market.
  3. No-one really knows about this coin in the UK. Because most of the mintage have been exported to the USA few UK collectors have ever even seen the Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin. That means you really have the chance to get the inside collecting track.

How you can own The Lion of England 2oz Silver £5 Coin

602n - The new United Kingdom £5 Coin that no-one seems to know about...
Weight: 62.42g • Diameter: 38.61mm Metal: 999.9/1000 Silver •
Finish: Uncirculated • Country of Issue: United Kingdom
Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II • Reverse: Queen’s Beast – The Lion

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